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Staging Your Home

  What to Consider When Staging Your Home

The best house stagers know the do's and don'ts of presenting a home. An obvious don't is to present your home the way it is every day. Even the newest, most well laid out homes can repel buyers if left messy, cluttered, and poorly lit. Another don't that's often overlooked is presenting an empty or vacant home as is. The absence of furniture and other everyday household items make a house seem less like a home and more like a box. You want buyers to have an emotional connection with the property. After all, they're going to be spending their lives there. A well-staged home appeals to a buyer's creativity and curiosity. It shows them one possible way to decorate the canvas that is their new home. Staging your home can do all that and more.

A common misconception when it comes to staging your home is that it's a way to trick buyers and cover up damages and faults with the house. That most certainly isn't the case, and reputable house stagers like our agents at Sell It Well Home Staging would never support such practices. Before staging, we ensure that any issues with the home like leaks, mold, cracks in the flooring, or faulty appliances are fixed. Next, we analyze how to expand on the positive qualities of the home as well as make the best of spaces that may not be the most appealing. Plants and natural light can do wonders for most spaces, while specialty lighting and positioning of furniture can bring out the hidden potential of less inviting rooms. It's all about knowing what buyers want and creating a stage that shows them what's possible. In fact, 81% of buyers report finding it easier to picture a house as a future home when staged. What's more, 27% of buyers are more likely to overlook faults in a well-staged home. Your home is likely worth more than you think. Let us help you get more value. Call us to get a free house staging quote.

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