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Real Estate Staging

  Real Estate Staging for Home Sales

Staging a house to sell requires knowledge, resources, and teamwork. Having experts who understand the market on your side can help you avoid costly mistakes. Sell It Well Home Staging provides full-service real estate staging for homes of all sizes. You may wonder, does home staging really matter? Homes go on the market every day. Many are similar in size, location, and asking price. With so many options available to buyers, you want your home to stand out. Professional home staging highlights the best qualities of your home. It can turn characteristics that may otherwise be seen as negatives into positives. For example, adding the right lights and greenery can make a small, dark room appear more spacious and inviting. Apply that perspective to every room in your home and you can see how real estate staging can make a huge difference.

With decades of experience in real estate, our agents know how to make homes command the best price. It's all about exceeding buyer's expectations on what is possible with their new home. The National Association of Realtors reports that 97% of buyers' agents stated that home staging affects the buyer's view of the home. Just as professional home staging can improve that view, poor home staging can do the opposite. That can cost you thousands in the sale price of your home. In a market as competitive as real estate, first impressions are king. Even if you fix a poorly staged home after it hits the market, it's highly unlikely that dissuaded buyers will come back to take another look. You want to do things right the first time. The cost of hiring a professional home stager is much less than the loss you'll likely incur from not showing your home in the best light.

Sell It Well Home Staging can help you with all your home staging needs. We tailor our staging solutions to you. Our services include occupied staging consultations, vacant and model home staging, and online consultations. Call us today to get a free quote.

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